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Causes for Balance or Dizziness

Balance or dizziness may be caused by many things, such as muscle weakness, vertigo, or gait imbalance. At Munger, we treat balance and dizziness issues of all causes and strive to remove the cause of your symptoms.

Feel Unsafe With Walking

Hold Onto Furniture Walking in Your Home

Difficulty With Stepping up on a Curb

More Confident With Grocery Cart

Get Dizzy With Sit to Stand

Get Dizzy With Rolling in Bed

Get Dizzy With Getting up From Laying

Get Dizzy After Being Bent Over

senior woman holding sides of face

Treatments We May Use

We solve these problems with:

  • Testing for BPPV (Positional Vertigo)
  • Testing balance in all positions
  • Testing inner ear
  • Treating vertigo
  • Begin balance training
  • Strength program
  • Improve confidence with walking
  • Physical therapy
  • Gait training

We Pride Ourselves on Our Individualized Treatment Plans