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You made it! Today is the final day of Stretch-mas. Today’s stretch is an easy one, but that doesn’t make it any less important! This stretch is one of many ways you can use a foam-roller and is perfect for relieving tension in the chest.

So, what does this do?

The foam roller stretch lengthens out the muscles of your chest, such as your Pectoralis Major, Subscapularis, Coracobrachialis, and Teres Major! While we think sometimes think of our chest muscles as an isolated group, many of the muscles connect to the bones in your arm and shoulder. Because of this, these muscles are constantly being used when moving your upper body and arms.

Even when you’re sitting, if you’re hunching over, these muscles are contracting. This foam roll stretch can reduce stiffness and tension in the neck and arms.

If you don’t already have a foam roller, we sell the ones featured in our pictures and videos in our office!

Step-By-Step Guide

Lay the foam roll on the ground. You’ll then want to lay your back down on the foam roll. Your head and butt should be resting on the foam roll. 
Once in position, bring your arms out in front of you, and touch your fingertips together while your arms are fully extended. From here, you can let your arms gently drop towards your sides. This is what creates the stretch through the muscles of the chest.
Stay in this position for five minutes daily, and you will notice major improvements!

Final Notes

If you have been following along with the 12 Days of Stretch-mas, thank you so much! We hope you enjoyed the journey and found a few new stretches for your daily routine along the way. All of these videos in a playlist on our Facebook for easy reference. We would love to hear what stretches you enjoyed the most, and what types of videos you would like to see moving forward.