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All the way back on day one, we went over the three planes of motion with the active trunk stretch. If you don’t remember, it’s time to review, because today’s exercise is also focused on increasing mobility in all three planes of motion.

Step By Step Guide

For all three exercises, you will want to stand in a doorway or facing a wall.

Sagittal Plane

Start in a stride position by stepping one foot forward. Place your hands against the wall or on the doorframe. Gently push your hips as far forward and comfortable, and then swing as far back as comfortable. Your entire body should follow the movement of your hips. This counts as one repetition. Complete 15 repetitions, and then switch the stance of your feet and do another 15.

Frontal Plane


For this, you will stay in the same starting position as before. Now, you will want to shift your hips side-to-side instead of forwards and backwards. Like before, perform 15 repetitions before switching the position of your legs and repeating.

Transverse Plane

Once again in the same starting position, you will want to rotate your hips left and right while keeping feet. You’ll notice that when you move with your hips, the rest of your body (specifically the upper back and shoulders) will follow. Do 15 times before switching feet and repeating.

Final Notes

Since this exercise works in all three planes of motion, it will help reduce pain and stiffness for any type of movement! This is a great exercise to include in your warm-up before working out, or in your daily stretching routine!


Ready for more? Come back tomorrow for a foam roll stretch to help relieve tension across the back!