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PT is more than treating injuries. PT plays an important role in making sure children grow up healthy and strong. Not sure if your child needs PT? Then be on the lookout for these signs that it’s time to start therapy:

1) Toe-walking

Toe-walking can be common when children first learn to walk. However, if your toddler is still toe-walking after their first few months of walking, it’s time for PT. A physical therapist can analyze your child’s gait and make a custom treatment plan to help your child improve their stride.

2) “W” Sitting

Does your child sit with their legs stretched out to the sides in the shape of a “W”? This pose relies on muscles in the leg instead of the core and can be a sign of core weakness or a lack of hip flexibility. Continuous “W” sitting can lead to back pain, poor balance, and muscle tightness. At PT, your therapist will work to strengthen your child’s core and improve flexibility, giving them the strength needed to hold themselves up!

3) Delayed Developmental Milestones

If your child struggles to meet developmental milestones such as rolling, crawling, or walking, PT is part of the solution. Physical Therapists can work with families to improve children’s fine and gross motor skills. Physical Therapists will create a unique plan for your child to improve strength, balance, and motor skills to help them succeed!

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t see your concern on this list, don’t rule PT out yet. Book an evaluation with a physical therapist to discuss your concerns and see if PT is the right choice for your child.